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Killer's Blade: Cost: 2066 Stamina. Thrust a caustic blade with lethal precision to stab an enemy, dealing 3175 Disease Damage. Deals 300 % more damage to enemies below 25 % Health. Killers blade is free if you get a kill with it. Does disease damage that procs major defile, unlocks more passives, gives a heal, and can be animation cancelled in my experience: I wouldnt choose executioner over killers blade, regardless of asylum.

15.08.2016 · ESO Weapon Skills - Dual Wield Skill Tree Abilities and Morphs Guide - Elder Scrolls Online - Duration: 9:30. Player Guides 43,651 views. Assassin's Blade is a skill located in the Assassination which can be found in the Nightblade skill tree. Assassin's Blade is a base skill, and can be morphed into Killer's Blade or Impale. Assassin's Blade deals the following types of damage: Magic Damage. Which means that it gets buffed by the following blue champion point trees: Elemental. Killers blade for me. Ive found that Executioner scales pretty poorly unless at really low HP. Plus, with killers blade slotted, players that drop below 25% instantly glow red. A free visual indicator to spam your execute, instead of watching health bar percents.

Gear and Item Set Info. Helm, shoulders, swords, and bow are Night Mother's Gaze.Add damage enchantments for weapons, a lot of people like being vampires, so fire is my preference.Chest, waist, hands, legs, and feet are Hunding's Rage.Jewelry is all Agility set with Robust trait.For more survivability, you could break the full medium set and. Active. Nightblade Assassination. Thrust a magic blade with lethal precision to stab an enemy, dealing 2116 Magic Damage. Deals 300% more damage to enemies below 25% Health.

Assassin's Blade is a Nightblade active skill in the Assassination skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is unlocked at Assassination rank 1. "Thrust a magic blade with lethal precision to stab an enemy, dealing____ Magic Damage. Deals 300% more damage to enemies below 25% Health.". Assassin's Blade: Active: Thrust a magic blade with lethal precision to stab an enemy, dealing 410 Magic Damage. Deals 300 % more damage to targets at or below 25 % Heath. Assassination Rank 1: 2431 Magicka: Instant: 5m range: Killer's Blade Morph Thrust a caustic blade with lethal precision to stab an enemy, dealing 411 Disease Damage. In ESO there are a thousand possibilities here, I do not claim mine is the best, but at least mine works:D. Armor/jewelry enchantments: This greatly depends on your main damage source, melee or ranged. For melee: In the early game, you will be in desperate need for magicka. I advise you to take any piece of armor with a magicka enchantment. 18.08.2019 · In short fights, you may expect that casting all of your DOTs prior to reaching 25%, then just doing the classic Killer's Blade spam may be worth it. On your last rotation, if you anticipate 5 or.

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