ReportChef doesn’t replace live communications, it just makes it better

Manager’s assistant

This Slack bot prepares on schedule reports from your team and task tracker, so that you:

Know what your team is working on

Save time and reduce inefficient meetings

Keep team happy and motivated

Who is ReportChef for:

Scrum master

Project or a Product managers

Checks on the progress of your tasks.

See all the information about your project in one place.

Detect risks in your project and react to them timely.

Scrum master

Scrum masters

It helps you run standups and does the follow-up.

It helps you run efficient retrospectives.

It helps you accomplish your tasks on time.

ReportChef Use Cases

These are just some of the typical user cases when you really need ReportChef.

You feel like the standups you run are not efficient

  • Standups 15 minutes are you kidding they last up to 1 hour.
  • The devs don’t come prepared and they have their mute buttons on.
  • The team doesn’t really want to attend standups.
  • After the standups what reports we have, add little to no value.

Your devs think mum’s the word.

  • They get annoyed when you ask them about the task status.
  • It’s hard to make them talk. so you have to pry all the time, but they… (stare right through your head into some distant thought).
  • They are so above me I can almost feel them patting me on the head.

Your team spends more time running meetings than doing real work.

  • You run too many meetings.
  • There are so many meetings you never get the right people to the right meetings.
  • When I ask “What did you do today?” some team members answer with “I was in meetings all day”.

Your team is too big.

  • You work on several projects.
  • You don’t always understand who does what.
  • There are so many of you and people are so busy with doing something “useful” that you never accomplish your tasks before the deadline.

You have redundant tasks.

  • You systematically run retrospectives.
  • You ask the same people the same questions.
  • There are a lot of routine procedures.

You want to monitor the mood of the team.

  • You feel that people are unhappy with something but they won’t say it to your face.
  • People are afraid of you because you’re the hard-nosed boss and you appear to be the last person on earth to find out about things.
  • There too much bickering amongst your team and you want to stop it or at least reduce it.

Your team is remote.

  • Your team is distributed between a few different cities.
  • You work in different time zones, so it’s hard to synchronize the meetings.
  • It’s hard to control your employees when they are in the other countries.

There are too many sources of information.

  • For some reasons different teams work in different task trackers.
  • In order to aggregate all the information about the project status, you have to collect it from too many different sources.
  • The key figures in projects often don’t get what’s going on.

How it Works

Setup questions to ask, sprint metrics to track and then schedule reports
ReportChef interviews each team member in Slack
ReportChef serves prepared data to your team in Slack on a scheduled basis


Team reports

Team Reports

In development

Setup questions and choose people to answer them. Then ReportChef will reach out via Slack at a specified time, aggregate results and serve them back to your team.

Report Recipes

Report Recipes

In development

You can create reports from ReportChef templates prepared for you. This way you can run your report within couple of clicks knowing that it will serve your particular needs.

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